Parkinson’s disease is known for its symptoms involving motor skills.   People who suffer from Parkinson’s have difficulties with movement, coordination, physical  task challenges, and mobility issues.  There are also ” non-motor symptoms”   such as sleep disturbances, fatigue, and loss of energy, depression, fear and anxieties, vision and dental problems, sexual problems, and impulsive behaviors that are brought on as side effects of medications.   In some cases , people with Parkinson’s disease may also experience dementia.  The cognitive issues a person may face include memory difficulties, slowed thinking processes, and confusion.  Parkinson’s disease dementia is diagnosed when a person is originally diagnosed with Parkinson’s based on movement symptoms and dementia symptoms don’t appear until a year or more later

Public visibility of Parkinson’s disease has increased due to the brave efforts of actor Michael J. Fox.  Mr. Fox has become the face of Parkinson’s disease in America.   Many people remember  Mr. Fox bravely withholding his medication to testify before Congress. His continuous efforts to educate people about this disease has raised public visibility and recruiting people for ongoing research studies.